Three Benefits of Enrolling Your Children In Bishop Gorman


For more than 50 years, proud Las Vegas parents have been sending their children to the elite Roman Catholic private school, Bishop Gorman. Of course, parents always face many difficult questions when selecting the right school for their children. You want to make sure that you are selecting a school that will help you to build the right foundation for your child’s success and future. While there are certainly benefits to every type of school in the Las Vegas area, Bishop Gorman has risen to be the cream of the crop. Here are three benefits of enrolling your children in Bishop Gorman.

Empowering Education

There are several factors that you value when choosing the right school for your children, but education is of course a top priority. The education at Bishop Gorman is considered by many to be the best school in Las Vegas. God, leadership, and stewardship are among the five principles that fuel the education at the superior Catholic School.

Amazing Activities

School is more than just books and homework, it is also about learning to live a rich and well-rounded life. To say that Bishop Gorman provides amazing opportunities for enrichment is a true understatement. In addition to the obvious offering of faith and religious studies, students can become involved in a long list of extracurricular activities and clubs like the arts, environmental, and charity.

Awesome Athletics

One of the biggest concerns that many parents and students face when selecting a school is the athletic programs that are available. You will be thrilled to know that athletics are held in high regard at Bishop Gorman and there are results to prove it. Not only do they have a long list of championships for both boys and girls sports teams, they have been featured in widely respected publications like Sports Illustrated and USA Today.

Year after year, the Bishop Gorman Gaels reach their goals with the help of stellar coaches that lead the students to reach new heights in sports like baseball, volleyball, football, and swimming. No matter what sport your child aspires to pursue, they will find the resources they need to succeed at Bishop Gorman. For admissions, you can visit Bishop Gorman’s website to submit an application online. 


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