The Health Benefits of Living in Las Vegas Golf Communities

The Health Benefits of Living in Las Vegas Golf Communities

While there are many obvious lifestyle benefits to living in a Las Vegas golf community, you may not realize that there are also excellent health benefits. From athletic offerings to entertainment options, the lifestyle perks that exist only for owners of a country club home help to preserve their health and happiness. Here is a list of health benefits enjoyed by those lucky enough to live in a country club community.

Country Club Fitness Facilities

Golf – The young and old alike can benefit from a challenging and relaxing round of golf. Walking a full 18 holes will go a long way for the heart and allow you to really take in the spectacular scenery. Golf has also been cited for being a healthy brain stimulant as it requires a great deal of focus and strategy. The extensive walking involved in full rounds of golf has also been linked to increased memory function.

Tennis – For those that enjoy breaking a sweat out on the courts, many Las Vegas country clubs also offer tennis memberships to homeowners. Tennis has been accredited with numerous health benefits such as increased metabolism, low blood-pressure, and increased bone density.

Swimming – Many country clubs also include access to a sparkling pool which is perfect for taking a refreshing dip during those hot summer months. Those looking to tone up their muscles with an aerobic exercise that is low-impact will enjoy having regular access to a pool at their country club.

Yoga – With the world becoming health conscious, many private real estate communities are providing yoga sessions on the course. Find a new yoga mat here.

Country Club Events & Social Gatherings

Las Vegas country clubs host regular social events and gatherings that are open to members throughout the month. While being able to attend such social events may just seem like an extra fun perk to country club living, it also happens to be beneficial to your health. Regular social engagement contributes to a strong immune system, better self-esteem, and combats mental health conditions like depression.

Country Club Spas

Another perk that may appear as a feature of luxury to living in a country club home is having access to the spa facilities frequently offered at Las Vegas country clubs. When in fact, regular visits to your country club’s spa are extremely beneficial to your health. Visits to a spa can help you to detox both your mind and body to help you reduce stress, relieve muscle tensions, reduce the risk of athletic injury, and promote healthy weight loss. By living in a country club home, you will have easy regular access to the spa facilities all year long to improve and maintain your physical and mental health.

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