At Lifestyle LV, we are more than real estate agents. We are boutique real estate advisors. Our personal care and acute attention to your goals as a future homeowner are what distinguish our team from firms who are just in a hurry to find you any house.

We prioritize your time and ambitions by championing the home-buying process through personal consultation, informative home-visits, and negotiation strategies that help you land a contract that makes the most of your budget. It is our pleasure to provide top-tier real estate services that empower your family to seamlessly experience the path to homeownership.

Here’s how we help your family:

Smooth Purchase Transaction

Buying a home can be a rocky process. We help level the financial path. LifestyleLV provides your family with an organized schedule that mitigates the complexity of purchasing a home. We break down the details into easy to manage, step-by-step actions. You receive a comprehensive checklist, and we work with you to make sure you hit every date and deadline.

…LifestyleLV makes it easy to enjoy a timely and worry-free home buying experience.


LifestyleLV is in the business of maximizing your real estate investment. We prioritize extending safe and effective financial advising so that your family understands the pros and cons before you purchase a house. We will use our understanding of market trends and local purchasing shifts, and teach you how to
optimize your spending budget so that you set out on the path toward a strong financial future.

We can teach you about the benefits, challenges, and processes of becoming a landlord, and even help to lease your property. With years in the property management business, we know what to expect and how to equip you for an ambitious launch.

Quality of Life

As real estate advisors, we begin our consultation through active listening. No one knows your vision for a home or the strategy of your investment portfolio better than you, but sometimes those concepts are a challenge for families to communicate. That’s why we prioritize every conversation toward honing your
investment needs and goals. We eliminate the excess details so that the specificity of your ideal portfolio becomes a property investment reality.

…LifestyleLV is committed to advising and advocating on your behalf. Let our experience buying Las Vegas and Henderson homes work for you!


Client satisfaction is our top priority at LifetsyleLV. With more than 10 years of knowledge and expertise in real estate, we can ensure your real estate experience will be smooth and memorable. View a message from our founder and real estate professional Heidi Holly.