7 Reasons Moving To Las Vegas Isn’t A Gamble

Tourists usually associate Las Vegas with the “Sin City” mantra that describes our tourist-oriented night life. But disguised beneath the fame of our attractions lies a fantastic city with all the characteristics most families look for in a new home.

Tourists usually associate Las Vegas with the “Sin City” mantra that describes our tourist-oriented nightlife. But disguised beneath the fame of our attractions lies a fantastic city with all the characteristics most families look for in a new home.

With great schools, low taxes, cultural museums, and an appreciating real estate market, the residential side of Las Vegas is the gem hidden behind all the touristic noise that you’ve heard talked about on tv. The truth is, there is a quiet side to Vegas that the news seldom highlights. Since headlines only give attention to what’s bright, loud, or shiny, I thought that prospective homeowners deserved to hear a less muddled perspective of what it is really like to live in Las Vegas.

Here’s what you probably didn’t know about working, raising a family, and owning a home in the area:

Low taxes

Not everyone comes to Vegas to spend all their hard-earned cash at the slot machines. But residents don’t mind the lower taxes we enjoy at the expense of visitors who like to gamble.

Nevada does not have a state income tax. This means that families see more money in their own pocket at the end of a year, instead of Uncle Sam’s.

The great outdoors

Have you seen pictures of the trails and wildlife around Las Vegas? If you haven’t, then it’s worth your look. The scene will reawaken your love for exploration.

Bike and hiking trails, outdoor farmers’ markets, and family-friendly parks are only a few of the great things to do outdoors in Las Vegas. If you like catching some sunlight, any local will tell you that our town is the place for you.

Some neighborhoods, like Inspirada, even put together community-wide activities for their residents. You can be active, enjoy some sun, and get to know your neighbors all in one afternoon.

Awesome schools

Las Vegas offers reputable schools for both children and university goers alike. The University of Nevada is a strong research institute that is renowned nationally for its great staff and student diversity.

Advanced Technologies Academy is also worth a mention. This competitive technology-driven high school offers young people great opportunities to gain a foot-up in the tech world and proves some of the highest overall grade demographics in the state and district.

These two just happen to be some of my favorites, but there are many other local schools that powerfully equip children toward promising careers. Basically, the academic community in Las Vegas is worth your attention.

Entertainment – but not just in the way most people think

In my opinion, the best entertainment is also educational. And in this regard, Las Vegas does not disappoint. Between cultural museums, the local arts district, and historic buildings and parks, locals have no shortage of opportunity when it comes to educational fun.

Of course, several of the other categories of this post could find their way into the category of entertainment. But they seem strong enough points in and of themselves that they deserve a subheading of their own – like our world-class cuisine:

Delicious food

If you enjoy diverse cooking, Las Vegas is sure to please your palate. This might come across as a little more obvious than some of my other points. After all, with national news constantly pointing to our awesome tourist-incentives, most travelers expect our food to be something to talk about – and they are right.

Our joy-inducing meals are not only found in the fast-paced, bright-lights sector of the city. Las Vegas is home to quiet restaurants where families can enjoy cuisine from around the world, across the city.

And don’t even get me started talking about our beverage pairings. Las Vegas is in no short supply of quality drinks. Whether you prefer your rum neat or in a Mojito, and whether you prefer a craft IPA or a sweet cider, Las Vegas offers the drink for every preference and every meal. Again, this probably isn’t too big a surprise.

Healthy living habits

Don’t be fooled by our great drink selection. Las Vegas is also home to a large community of fitness-lovers who aspire toward maintaining great physique by treating their bodies well.

This point may be one of the biggest surprises on the list. “Sin City” might sound like a place where poor nutritional choices are the standard. But a closer look at residents of Las Vegas proves that we are home to a culture that lives by generous care for their bodies. We love to eat well, exercise often, and treat our figures to the nutrition that empowers us.

Living healthily is easiest when you’re not alone. In Las Vegas, you’ll be one in a crowd of health-conscious locals.

The real estate market is on the climb

This is one of my favorite elements of Las Vegas. The real estate market has for years been on the climb. Housing prices are appreciating at a faster rate here than the national average, and new homes are constantly under development, offering brand new properties to both first-time homebuyers and real estate veterans alike. In other words, we have just the home for you.

Now that you have a clearer picture of the Las Vegas that locals know, why don’t you give the area a try for yourself? Las Vegas offers diverse real estate to satisfy the lifestyles and budgets of any family. If you’re in the market for renting or purchasing a property in the Greater Las Vegas area, please give us a call. Lifestyle LV looks forward to being your go-to consultant and real estate agent through every step of the home buying or renting process. Cheers!

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